What is Camera2API and How to Enable It?

Hello friends, in today’s post we are going to tell you what is Camera2API and how to enable it, so read this post till the end.

All of you who use mobile must have a camera, but many people do not have many features in the camera app of their mobile, due to which they are not able to take good photos or videos and even if there are more features. 

But the quality of the photo is not good, the photo does not have natural color or many people do not like the camera app of the mobile or they want more camera features, so they download a third party app so that they can take better photos and videos.

The hardware of a smartphone supports more features than the number of features allowed by the software in it. Many companies do not provide important features at their software level to reduce the price of the smartphone, while the hardware of that smartphone supports those features.

Despite having a good camera in most smartphones, the quality of the photo is not good, because the software of that smartphone is not optimized well for the camera. This is the reason why most people use Google Camera Mod APK (Gcam Port), because in it they get to see very good quality of photos or videos.  

But for this your mobile should have support for Camera2API. So let’s know about it in detail. Friends, before knowing about Camera2API, we have to know about API and Camera API.

What is Camera2API
What is Camera2API

What is API

The full form of API is Application Programming Interface. It is based on computer programming language that determines how an application or software will communicate with the operating system or any other part of a device and also determines what actions can be performed by different software.

What is Camera API

Google has created some API module sets in the Android operating system, which determines how and how the Android system and camera applications will work together.

Camera API is such Android programming, through which camera applications can be controlled. Camera API helps the camera application to know which feature of the camera, how and when to use it. 

Such as: taking photos, shooting videos, using the camera sensor, setting the shutter speed of the camera, manual control and focus, HDR, RAW shoot and other camera related functions.

Camera API allows apps to test the camera features on the mobile in a systematic way, without losing any information about the features of the camera sensor.

What is Camera2API

Before Android 5.0 (Lollipop), i.e. in Android 4.0 (KitKat), mobile cameras came with simple features and had a simple autofocus system. Earlier, there used to be very few features as compared to today.

The API (camera1.0API) that was in Android 4.0 (KitKat) came with limited resources and it prevented third party camera software developers from using the advanced features of the camera.

That is, if a camera software developer wanted to create a camera application that could take advantage of the camera’s advanced control system (such as HDR, RAW shoot, panorama, manual focus and control), he could not do so.

With the arrival of Android 5.0 (Lollipop), Google changed its API (camera1.0 API) and created a new API system and named it Camera2API.  This API is open source and allows third-party camera software developers to access the camera’s advanced control systems, allowing them to create better camera apps using this API.

Advantages of Camera2API

There are many software developers in the world who always keep making new free or paid software, which is very useful for everyone. It is because of Camera2API that smartphone cameras have become so advanced that we are able to make great photos and videos. 

With the help of Camera2API, developers are able to create such camera applications, with the help of which we are getting many advanced features in our mobile, such as:

OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)

• EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

• Full manual focus and control (ISO, shutter, aperture)

• Portrait mode, HDR, face detection

• Panorama

• Time lapse

• Burst mode

• Slow motion

There are many more features that have been made possible by Camera2API. But not all features are available for every device because they require hardware and software support.

How to check if your smartphone supports Camera2API or Not 

First of all, before knowing the features of Camera2API in your smartphone, you have to check whether your smartphone supports Camera2API or not.

For this, you have to install an app “Camera2API Probe” from Google Play Store.

After that, when you open the app, it will provide you all the information related to your camera.

Here you will see two camera ID codes “ID 0” and “ID 1”. “ID 0” means the rear camera and “ID 1” means the front camera.

Here when I opened it, I got this information in my mobile (POCO M4 Pro).

What is Camera2API
What is Camera2API

With this, we can find out for ourselves which features are supported in our mobile. You can also check this in your smartphone, but it is not necessary that the features shown in my mobile are also in your mobile, there can be more or less features than this.

Friends, now we have seen which features are supported in our mobile, now let us also know their hardware level.

Level_3 : This means that your camera will support only some additional (i.e. your smartphone will be able to use some more features in third party camera app.) features, such as – RAW Image Capture

Full : This means that your smartphone supports all the necessary features of Camera2API.

Limited : This means that your smartphone will be able to use only some features.

Legacy : This means that your smartphone does not support the features given in Camera2API at all.

Friends, apart from this, you can know the manual camera features of your smartphone by downloading the “Manual Camera Compatibility” app.

What is Camera2API
What is Camera2API

Now you know what is the camera hardware level and which features your smartphone supports. If your smartphone supports Camera2API, then you can enhance the camera features of your smartphone by downloading Google Camera Port.

How to Enable Camera2API

If your phone has the Camera2API enabled, then you are set too much. However, if your phone does not support the Camera 2 API, don’t worry, because you can enable the Camera 2 API on your own by routing your device, and editing the “build.prop” file on your phone, or can use Magisk to enable. Camera2API. Whichever path you choose is up to you and we will explain both procedures to some extent here.

Note : Rooting Android device is not a very difficult task, but it is a very reliable device, so it is not possible to explain it in detail here. We recommend handing over XDA and searching for a routing guide for your smartphone for detailed, step-by-step tutorials. We are not Responsible for any damage of your mobile. You should make a backup of your data.

Enable Camera2API with Using Rooting Smartphone

Using Build.Prop – If you want to edit build.prop and do not want to use the Magisk module, all you need to do is download the BuildProp Editor application. You can easily install BuildProp Editor application from Google play store.

  • At the end of the Build.Prop script, insert the following line and press the Save button.
  • Just add this new Line – persist.camera.HAL3.enabled=1

Enable Camera 2 API with UnRooted Smartphone

There is a Magisk module that you can also use to enable the Camera 2 API on your phone. The module, called Camera 2 API Enabler is available through XDA, and you can simply install it on your phone using Magisk Manager, and it will enable the Camera 2 API for you. By this process, you can enable camera 2 API for Google Camera.

Well, we have mentioned the above two ways, but despite that, that method does not work, then this third method is for them. You must have a mobile Root to use this method. But if your mobile is not rooted, then you can easily root your mobile by following this article How To ROOT Android Phones. So Follow the Given Simples Steps.


Friends, in this post we learned what is Camera2API and how to enable it, Camera2API is a great technology, it benefited those people who like to shoot photos and videos and cannot buy expensive cameras and mobiles. With the help of Camera2API, they can shoot very good photos and videos using third party apps from their cheap mobile.

Friends, tell us through comments whether Camera2API supports your mobile or not, and if yes, then how are you taking advantage of this feature.

Thank you.

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